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Substance and Matter

"Substance and Matter," a site-specific commissioned work was designed and completed in 1992. For over fifteen years it was installed in the main lobby of the "Emerald City Building" at 3rd and Capitol in Sacramento.

The kite-like hanging sculpture above the three pieces that comprise "Substance and Matter" had been created for the building when it was originally built. The suspended sculpture was commissioned by the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission under the Sacramento downtown percentage for art program.

Subsequently, in 1992, the building owners wanted to bring additional colorful art down the gray and black polished marble walls to the eye level of people entering and exiting the building. They hired Suzy R. Locke of Piedmont, California to commission an artist to design work that would accomplish their visual goals for space improvement. Margaret Welty's work was chosen for its dynamic design, color and texture as well as for this artwork's ability to accommodate the curved walls.

The work, "Substance and Matter," is composed of one inch diameter tubes that are covered with hand painted fabric. The fabric was painted first with fiber-reactive dye and then, after heat-setting, washing and pressing, further painted with acrylic paint. Each strip of fabric was then glued along and around the length of a tube. The tubes were attached to armatures that were specially designed and built to follow the curves of the walls of the architecture.


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