Start Making Art Kit

Simple, essential tools to get you creating without fuss.


The kit below is my go-to list of art supplies and tools for someone who wants to start creating but isn't sure where to begin. It comes from almost three decades of teaching college art, where I have observed which tools most inspire, embolden, and enrapture new art students, versus which ones just add details and confusion.

Each item is a high quality, professional tool that real artists use each day. Yet each one is also simple, immediately understandable, and loads of fun.

I hope this helps to "clear away the noise" around art materials jargon, which can often be frustrating and intimidating. In truth, an art supply store is a sublime place, full of treasures and tools that will unlock new creative pathways and artistic thrills.

I wish YOU the very best as you begin your own artistic journey. I can't wait to see what you create :)