Draw for Fun, De-Stress Your Day

Lunch and Learn for Employee Engagement and Retention

In-person Workshop

Employee engagement is the topic at the forefront of companies today, and discovering pathways to engage your best and brightest is extremely important in order to grow and maintain the bottom line.

With stress-related illnesses growing at an alarming rate, savvy companies are searching for ways to create an environment that will relax, motivate and reinvigorate their staff. Well, nothing de-stresses quite like drawing, and having the freedom to be creative, without rules, boundaries, or expectations.

  • Expand Your Brain – Include Creative Processes that allow more productivity & imagination
  • Reorder the Flow of Information through the Creative process of Drawing
  • Take a break, De-stress Your Life & Relax through art

Margaret Welty, holds a MA in art from Cal State, with post graduate work in Sacramento, and taught art for over 25 years to both adults and children. Margaret created commissioned art for Exxon, Raley’s Corporate Headquarters, Sheraton, Hyatt, San Bernardino County and many others.

Margaret believes anyone can learn to draw — they only need the blueprint to set them free in the creative process. Margaret’s LUNCH and LEARN opportunities, are a tremendous bonus to any company searching for a new innovative way to engage and destress their employes and executives, to improve communication and resolve conflict. Her engaging Lunch and Learn opportunities are realaxing, enjoyable and innovative. Margaret is also a perfect fit for NPOs searching for unique fund-raising opportunities.

Perfect for:

NPO, Entreneurial Groups, Corporate HR, Executives, Civic Organizations, etc.

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